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just a bunch of songs I felt like uploading. if you're familiar with an artist's name, download stuff anyway; some songs might be different than you'd expect, yeah?

Goldfrapp, 'Clowns'
Flyleaf, 'Fully Alive'
Santogold, 'Creator'
Cat Power, 'Theme From 'New York, New York''
Bertine Zetlitz, '500'
The Bravery, 'This is Not the End'
Nine Inch Nails, 'Discipline'
Panic! At the Disco, 'Karma Police' (live Radiohead cover)
The Killers, 'Sweet Talk'
Paramore, 'Let the Flames Begin'
My Chemical Romance, 'Mama'
Cobra Starship, 'My Moves Are White (White Hot, That Is)'
Frou Frou, 'The Dumbing Down of Love'
Empires, 'My Poor Lover'
Tori Amos, 'Father's Son'
Blue Oyster Cult, 'Godzilla'
Godsmack, 'Voodoo'
Imogen Heap, 'Headlock'
Loreena McKennitt, 'Beneath a Phrygian Sky'
Vienna Teng, 'Feather Moon'

Tags: artist: bertine zetlitz, artist: blue oyster cult, artist: cat power, artist: cobra starship, artist: empires, artist: flyleaf, artist: frou frou, artist: godsmack, artist: goldfrapp, artist: imogen heap, artist: loreena mckennitt, artist: my chemical romance, artist: nine inch nails, artist: panic at the disco, artist: paramore, artist: santogold, artist: the bravery, artist: the killers, artist: tori amos, artist: vienna teng, genre: alternative, genre: alternative metal, genre: alternative pop, genre: avant-garde, genre: celtic, genre: classic metal, genre: cover, genre: dark-pop, genre: electronica, genre: electropop, genre: folk, genre: hard rock, genre: industrial, genre: pop, genre: rock, genre: techno, genre: trip-hop, genre: world, language: english
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