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this rotation in honor of my epic love for bass lines.

Title: A Clean Shot
Artist: The Myriad
Album: With Arrows, With Poise
Genre: alt rock
Comments: okay, so. I first heard this song on one of Charter cable's music channels, the alt rock one, and I was like, "hey, band has a cool name." and then, "hey, this song's actually decent." I kept hearing it, though, and all of a sudden one day I was like, "OMG I MUST FIND THIS SONG--" and now that I have it I have this problem with not being able to stop listening to it. |D the bass line is fucking awesome, the guitars are great, I love the singer's voice, and the band's drummer is way too good considering this is their first actual album (they've released an EP or two, but). the lyrics are gorgeous. the part that really kills me, though, is the bridge: slow, shimmery background synth and simply epic drum line. "hey now, oh no, you've got a clean shot" ♥♥

Title: Believe
Artist: The Bravery
Album: The Sun and the Moon
Genre: alt rock
Comments: another one I liked at first, but didn't really love. I adore it, now, though, and have listened to it on repeat numerous times. ♥ style-wise, this reminds me of a vaguely more synthie Franz Ferdinand; similar guitar work, I think, and the guy's voice has that kind of raw, thick sound to it. the resemblance ends there, though, haha. the chorus of this song is insanely catchy, and I love the lyrics, particularly, "something's always coming, you can hear it in the ground, it swells into the air with the rising, rising sound" and, well, the entire rest of the song really, lol.

Title: Billie Jean
Artist: Cobra Starship
Album: --
Genre: alt rock/cover
Comments: so uh, for the record. these guys are fucking crazy, lol. |D love them, though. anyway. this song is a live cover of a Michael Jackson song, and I uploaded the version with the intro because it's just funny. so like, the first minute and a half are the band members being utter dorks, lol (except for Vicky, but whatever). but then they start the song, and aaaah, it's great. ♥ Gabe's voice sounds awesome here, and Alex is awesome on the bass. Nate's maracca-ing (oO) is great, and I love Ryland's guitar work and background vocals. overall, a very fun song ♥♥ also, please to be noting Gabe's utter dorkiness when he says "cobra starfish", not "cobra starship".

Title: Nixon
Artist: Tiger Lou
Album: The Loyal
Genre: alt rock
Comments: earlier I uploaded their song 'The Loyal,' and you can tell this is by the same band but it's definitely different, lol. 'Nixon' is dark and creepy, but in a more subtle(?) way, I think. the lyrics start off with a bang, lol, "this is how it feels to be special, I wanted to kill you the next day." the chorus is awesome, with a wonderful balance between the guitar and bass, and oddly enough the vocalist sounds like Gabe from Cobra Starship during the "hey! hey! hey!" bits. oO; whatever, lol. I love this whole song, the feel of it and the instrument work and the guy's voice is just freaking amazing.

Title: Bulls in Brooklyn
Artist: The Academy Is...
Album: Santi
Genre: alt rock
Comments: so The Academy Is... is a very interesting band, I think, style-wise. this song starts off with a driving drum line, followed quickly by a really cool bass line and then the singing. William Beckett has one of the most unique voices I've ever heard, but it's a subtle sort of different. overall, this song is very rhythmic, even the guitar (which is fucking awesome, for the record, and just as subtly unique as Bill's voice), and it's one of my favorites off this album. the bridge is awesome, much lighter than the rest of the song, almost breezy, in a way. there are six members in this band, but it doesn't feel cluttered or claustrophobic at all. ♥ awesome song. also, they've got a really good sense of the lyrics to use to begin and end their songs. \o/

songs that almost made it on:
Death Cab for Cutie - 'I Will Possess Your Heart' (the file was too big 8( boooo. and I couldn't find the radio edit of it.)
Panic! At the Disco - 'Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (acoustic)' (but none of the downloads finished. D: wtf, people, seriously. THEY ARE STUCK AT 38 AND 44%, PLEASE CONTINUE TO UPLOAD THEM SO I CAN HAVE MY DAMN SONG. --I would have uploaded just the studio version, but I'm pretty sure everyone between the age of 10 and 25 has heard it, so.)
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