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Title: Get What You Deserve
Artist: Bertine Zetlitz
Album: My Italian Greyhound
Genre: trip-hop, dark-pop
Comments: I've only uploaded one of this woman's songs before, but I have all five of her albums and I love her sosososo much. this particular song is dark, quiet and elegant, and it is absolutely beautiful. the guitar is simple but lovely, and I love the various subtle synths you can hear throughout the song. her lyrics are, much like the feel of the song itself, dark, quiet, and elegant. great song to listen to at night.

Title: Vökuró
Artist: Björk
Album: Medúlla
Genre: electronica, avant-garde music
Comments: I've never been a big fan of Björk, but I recently gave this album a try and was pleasantly surprised to find myself enjoying it despite how strange it is. this album is recorded entirely using vocals, often put through various synthesizers, and only two songs (I think) include non-vocal pieces. this song is my favorite off the album, dark and hauntingly beautiful and sung entirely in Icelandic. which seems like it should weird, yeah? but it's a gorgeous language, apparently, and this whole songs is just stunning. there is a background choir throughout the whole thing that really helps to enhance the mood. give it a shot!

Title: The Mountain
Artist: Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer
Album: Tanglewood Tree
Genre: folk
Comments: don't let the genre throw you off. this song is beautiful, been one of my favorites for years. the instruments consist of light percussion and gorgeous acoustic guitar and violin. Dave's lyrics are absolutely gorgeous (you should check them out here); I think my favorite verse would have to be "miller take me and miller grind me, scatter my bones on the wild green tide, maybe some roving bird will find me, over the water we'll ride," and that's pretty much the mood for the whole song. Tracy's got a wonderful voice, light and rich, and Dave's background harmony is awesome. throughout the last verse Dave sings in the background in Sumerian, of all things. XD it's a beautiful touch, though, and alkdsaouwer, DOWNLOAD THIS OR I WILL CRY.

Title: Come Round Soon
Artist: Sara Bareilles
Album: Little Voice
Genre: pop
Comments: you've probably heard Sara Bareilles on the radio or on music TV. her song "Love Song" is a tremendous hit, and if you're familiar with it you know the album title is not fitting whatsoever. Sara Bareilles is a tiny little girl, and her voice is a huge contrast, strong and rich and one of the best voices I've heard in American pop music in a long, long time. this song is much darker in tone than "Love Song," and it's gorgeous. the piano is lovely, and there are all sorts of pieces of music that I can't describe but I love. there's one note she hits around 2:20 that is just wow; she has the kind of voice I would have expected to come out of the same era as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. awesome song.

Title: Holiday
Artist: The Bee Gees
Album: Their Greatest Hits: The Record
Genre: psychedelic pop
Comments: now for a total change of pace, lol, we have the Bee Gees. this is actually the first song I've heard by them that I knew was them. it's kinda funny, my mum and I were putting away groceries one night and my dad had fallen asleep in front of the TV in the living room, and some Chinese movie came on (I can't remember what it was), but it had this song in the beginning of it. mum knew what it was, but she couldn't remember who it was by, and I really, really liked it so I googled the lyrics. this song is quiet and beautiful; it reminds me of rain, I think, the kind of rain that sparkles as it falls. I love the "de de de de de de" parts; they're so pretty.

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